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Cloud Data Connect Matching Wizard

Get Started

If you don't have an API Key, please login or register for free tier access. Credits are not deducted for the first 1000 records of a match report.

The API Key is linked to your account and how we track usage.


  1. Provide your API key from your Interzoid account. This is how we track your usage. Your free credits will be attached to this key upon registration.
  2. Select your data source that will be analyzed. This can be a Cloud database, text file, or Excel file.
  3. Select your processing options, including filename or connection information, algorithms to use, column to match on, and output preferences.
  4. Click ‘Run’ and quickly receive your results.

If you would like to try a sample file, use CSV File URL and select a company name match on column number "1". This will not use any of your credits.